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Yetishare - Rewards Plugin (PPS_PPD) Yetishare - Rewards Plugin (PPS_PPD) v18 Trả tiền cho người Upload

  • Chuyên mục: PHP & MySQL
  • Đánh giá:
    0/5, 0 phiếu
  • Lượt tải 1
  • Người đăng: admin
  • Cập nhật: 30/07/2019
  • Password: Giải nén (nếu có): downmienphi.com
  1. admin
    Pay your YetiShare users commission for referring paid upgrades (PPS) or downloads they get from their own files (PPD). Includes new members area and admin sections. Users can earn a percentage of each sale they refer to your file hosting site, be paid per 1,000 downloads or run a mix of both:
    • Users earn from upgrades, using their unique affiliate id they simply link to the site via their existing website. They'll earn a percentage for any users which register for an account and subsequently upgrade.
    • Upgrades, from users which upgrade to download files within a users account.
    • Downloads, from files within their account.

    • Pay your users for each 1,000 downloads they get from their uploaded files.
    • Checks in place to limit scammers.
    • Prices set by country & filesize.
    • Download complete log for NGINX users. PPD downloads are only logged when a download is entirely downloaded when using X-Accel-Redirect. Included in the plugin at no extra cost.
    Admin: (un: admin, pw: password)
    - http://fhscript.com/admin/


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